How To Set Up A Fabric Tube Backdrop For Your Trade Show Booth

Posted by Euclid on Jan 4th 2019

How To Set Up A Fabric Tube Backdrop For Your Trade Show Booth

There are a ton of fabric backdrop options to choose from for your next trade show booth exhibit. There are fabric backdropsbacklit fabric backdropsbanner stand walls, and pipe-and-drape styles. Our Urge Fabric Backdrops offer two frame configurations: fabric tube and pop up accordion. Both configurations have their pros and cons, respectively, and we will get into that in the coming blog posts but let me make the case for our fabric tube backdrops with this one...

Our fabric tube backdrops are made with high quality, lightweight aluminum tubes that form the frame of each backdrop. They come in different sizes and shapes. The "pillowcase" fabric print design allows the backdrop to have a clean, taut finish that cannot be achieved by other backdrop configurations. Lastly, the tube design of the frame makes it durable and ensures that it will last a long time. Perfect for exhibiting at multiple trade shows, events, and expos each year or show cycle. Need new fabric graphics? No problem! Ordering replacement prints are a breeze!

Here is one of our clients, National Military Spouse Network using the 10ft. Urge Fabric Tube Backdrop for one of their events:

Here is AFTCO with a 20ft. Urge Straight Fabric Tube backdrop Display With Hardcase Counter/Podium

The 20ft. fabric tube backdrop comes with the Hard Case Podium included, making it a complete trade show booth display kit!

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Once the order is received and shipping box is unpacked, you will find a wheeled soft case that holds the frame and printed fabric graphic
  2. Take out the parts and lay them out
  3. Start building the frame by matching the signs that or on the end of each piece (star:star)
  4. Set the feet (weighted base) aside
  5. Extend the middle support pole and insert each end on the top and bottom pole of the frame
  6. Carefully attach the feet on each leg and secure it with the pin provided
  7. Slip over the printed fabric graphic over the top of the frame and pull down
  8. Secure the fabric on the bottom via velcro or zipper
  9. Carefully lift the frame and make it stand

Here is an instructional step-by-step video for any of the Urge Straight Fabric Tube Backdrop Displays~