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How to Set Up a Level Trolley Hardcase Counter or Podium (A)

Posted by Maddy on

You would have never guessed that a counter can turn into a trolley until now. Our Level Trolley Hardcase Counter or Podium (A) is what you definitely need at your next event! Advertise your brand to the public with vibrant large graphics on the front.

This handy trolley/counter or podium is entirely easy to set up, and you'll never want to resort to a fold able table again. There is a pull handle on one end and wheels built into the other, making your trade show booth a totally mobile and portable experience. You won't have to worry about storage space-trust us, you'll have plenty! You can fit 10ft. backdrops and smaller trade show packages in the hardcase. Two or more trolley hardcases can transport complete trade show booths. You can contact us here for more information. 

The fabric print is included, and it is a newly engineered design! The stretch fabric wrap creates the body of the actual podium. It is printed through a through a dye-sublimation process, insuring the premium stretch fabric shows the highest quality graphic possible. Our fabric is expertly sewn and is easily pulled over the frame. No tools are needed for this one here! Below, we will teach you how to get your podium/counter up and running for success at any event!

Here are the simple, step-by-step instructions:

  1. Once the order is received and the shipping box is unpacked, you will find a hardcase trolley that holds the components of the counter/podium
  2. Take out the components
  3. Place the smaller portion of the hardcase face up on the floor
  4. Place the four aluminum tubes in the holes
  5. Take the large hardcase portion and place on the four tubes on the outer shell
  6. Unravel the fabric table cover, and tuck all sides in
  7. Attach the cover on 

Here is an instructional video for the installation of the Level Trolley Hardcase Counter or Podium (A) -

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