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How to Set Up A Hanging Banner

Posted by Janet Quan on


For any company promoting at a convention or tradeshow, getting people to visit their booth is a challenge. A booth must demand attention. What better way is there to be spotted across a room than with a hanging banner looming above a sea of booths with your brand displayed across it?

Horizon Hanging Banners come in multiple shapes (circular, square, and triangular) and sizes (5 feet across to quadrupling in 20 feet across) making them super customizable. You can provide your own design following our templates or schedule a consultation with our designers if you don’t have one already. Once your design is finalized, submitted, proofed and approved, we produce the product and ship it to you.

Your new hanging banner will arrive in a nylon bag with hardware that can be assembled with ease, all assembly tools, and quality fabric that is dye-sublimation printed with your design. After setting up your hanging banner, expect a boost in your brand’s visual impact at your next convention.

How to Set Up a Hanging Banner

Your order should include the hardware, the design fabric that slips over the hardware, screws, allen keys for tightening the screws, eye bolts and wire ropes.

Step 1: Assembling the hardware

The hardware consists of the top (T), base (B), and poles that connect the top to the bottom. The top will be labeled with a T and the bottom will be labeled with a B. Connect these pieces in order by the number in which they are labeled. For example, T1 will connect with T2 and T2 with connect with T3. After the top and base are assembled, attach them together with the poles and screws.

Step 2: Slipping on the fabric

With the design facing out and the zipper facing up, slip on the fabric from the based to the top then zip the fabric! It should hug tightly around the hardware.

Step 3: Mounting the hanging banner

Screw on the eyebolts to the pole, buckle the wire rope onto the eyebolts, and your hanging banner is now ready to be lifted for all eyes to see.