How To Set Up A Rise Double-Sided Fabric Banner Stand

Posted by Maddy on Dec 17th 2018

How To Set Up A Rise Double-Sided Fabric Banner Stand

This set up here will blow your mind on how simple it is. The 36" Rise Double-Sided Fabric Banner Stand is exactly what you need for your next trade show exhibit! This eye-catching display asset promotes your brands identity in full and vibrant color! 

The Rise Double-Sided Fabric Banner Stand is the ultimate upgrade from the Edge Retractable Banner Stand. There are endless possibilities for the two sides on the banner. Have one side with your logo, and the other side a description of a new product. 

We have 4 different size options for our Rise Double-Sided Fabric Banner Stands. We have the 24" Rise Double-Sided Fabric Banner Stand36" Rise Double-Sided Fabric Banner Stand48" Rise Double-Sided Fabric Banner Stand, and the 60" Rise Double-Sided Fabric Banner Stand. All of our size options have the same exact process to setting up. It's extremely simple to set up, has a price that won't break the bank, and is printed on both front and back sides. What's not to love about this already? A soft carry case is included for easy transportation, and so you can use it multiple times. 

For the 36" Rise Double-Sided Fabric Banner Stand, the display area is 7.5' in height, and 3' in width on each side. Here it is :

As pictured above, you can see that there is a large display area for you to promote your business on this banner. The fabric banner is made of stretch polyester, and it is machine washable! This double-sided fabric is printed through a dye-sublimation process, insuring the premium stretch fabric shows the highest quality graphic possible. Our fabric is expertly sewn, and is easily pulled over the frame. The pole frame is made of lightweight aluminum construction. Check the Artwork Guidelines for artwork and file specs.    

Here are the simple, step-by-step instructions:

  1. Once the order is received and the shipping box is unpacked, you will find a case that holds the components of the banner
  2. Take out the components
  3. Place the longest vertical poles onto the steel base
  4. Add the bottom horizontal support pole and secure
  5. Snap on the remaining vertical poles
  6. Place curved bar on the top of the frame
  7. Lay the frame on a flat, clean surface, and slip on the printed fabric graphic
  8. Close underneath the support pole to maximize fabric tension

Here is an instructional video for the installation of the 36" Rise Double-Sided Fabric Banner Stand -