A Helpful Guide For Exhibitors & Vendors At Outdoor Events

Posted by Maddy on Dec 5th 2018

A Helpful Guide For Exhibitors & Vendors At Outdoor Events

All Successful Outdoor Event Booths Feature Functional & Beautiful Branded Graphics!

The day of any outdoor business event is the anticipated day where one gets to successfully advertise their brand and products. However, there are many factors that can lead one to not have much success. This guide will help you avoid that, and in contrast, give you tips on how to increase your chances of success and decreasing stress. Prior to that special day, we recommend you get everything you need. That being said, lets get started with building the foundations for an outstanding outdoor booth. Our Boothfest Outdoor Kits are tried-and-tested configurations for all outdoor event purposes!

Option one is our Boothfest Outdoor Trade Show Booth Package (A). The package includes:

For our economy kit option, we have the Boothfest Outdoor Trade Show Booth Package (B). It contains:

Why is the Boothfest Outdoor Kit useful?

With the event tent, banner stand and advertising flags, your campaign will NOT go

unnoticed! Whether you're attending a festival, trade show or a market, we created the kit to 

already consider the space of an outdoor event setting. Our high-quality custom design 

canopy tent allows you to capture the interest of the crowd. The banner stand & advertising 

flags also enable customer attraction who aren't directly facing the tent. Below we have compiled a

list of tips n' tricks of using a pop up tent at an event.

  •  Stress List: 1. Installing The Event Tent Up

 It's factual that setting up for an event involves a stressed team. Our kit is so compact 

and portable, allowing you to easily transport it in a vehicle. You can definitely cross the 

set-up process off on the stress list.The set up is very simple (see instructions & videos on

setting up a booth). After the set up, it's time to perfect your business's booth event! 

Tips & Tricks On Creating a Stellar Outdoor Event Booth

Sometimes life gets in the way of things, such as planning out a booth display. In 

order to have a successful along with an aesthetically pleasing booth, one must plan in 

advance, and not the day of.

1. Measure Measure Measure!

Stop eyeballing. Before the event, measuring the display objects/other props used for your booth is vital. For example, our kit includes (if you decide to upgrade) a 6ft long table throw. Accounting that into the booth is convenient before you set up. This will help you speed up the set up time. It's highly recommended to also use Adobe Illustrator (or simply sketch out) a layout of how you'll set up your booth!

2. Do things vertically

If you are selling products that need shelves or a display, be sure to place them vertically. You'll get more eyes by displaying your goods vertically. Potential buyers often don't notice products offered if they are lying on tables. Purchasing additional storage shelves are useful in certain events, specifically a business that sells art. This allows interaction between the items and the customer. 

3. Stand out in the crowd with some of our offered upgrades

The optional backwalls and side walls makes for a fully enclosed & branded outdoor booth. This upgrade is perfect for festivals, job fairs, outdoor markets, food truck events and any outdoor event you can possibly think of! These assets will separate you from just any old plain canopy tent at an event. We also offer 6ft. table throws, so no more plain white plastic collapsible table! Promote your brand image and logo on this table. Advertise several top products on there for potential customers to see. In addition, event goers love free stuff. Thus, having a table with samples of a product such as your brands key chains, pens, green juice, bracelets, etc. will create some extra foot traffic at your booth.

Here is Whole Foods, from stores in Winter ParkOrlando, and Altamonte Springs, FL using backwall + sidewall options to perfection with their dual- 10ft. Best Full Color Event Tent setup!

4. Select your colors

It is often forgotten to coordinate the product colors offered to the event tent colors (unless you have a set brand color already). Creating a contrast with the product you are advertising is ideal. Also, while selecting colors for your displays, it's always best to pair light colors with dark ones. 

5. Weather Proofing

One word. Unpredictable. The day of the event may be hot, freezing, or change throughout the duration of the day. Don't worry though, we got you covered (literally!). First off, a canopy tent has a lot of bang for its buck. It doesn't only advertise your brand, but will keep you safe from rain and snow. Unfortunate weather-related causes can cause ruined inventory. The tent will allow you to pack everything up under the cover if an event gets canceled. Side walls/panels can help you curve forceful winds, and block out rainfall pouring in through the side. In addition, side walls can allow you to hook up portable fans to keep the area cool.